Terms and Conditions


1. Non Assignment

This agreement is personal to the Hirer and the Hirer may not transfer or assign it to any other person without written consent to Sydney Refrigerated Van Rentals Pty Ltd.


2. State of Repair of Vehicle

The Hirer acknowledges that as the date of hire the Vehicle is clean and in good repair and the Hirer undertakes to return it in similar condition (fair wear and tear excepted). If in the opinion of management the Vehicle is returned in a dirty condition, then management we Hirer a minimum cleaning fee of $50.00 and a maximum cleaning fee of $200.00 depending on the condition of the Vehicle.


3. Maintenance of Vehicle

3.1 As at the date of hire the Vehicle has a full tank of fuel and the Hirer must return the Vehicle with a full fuel tank. If the Hirer does not return the Vehicle with a full tank of fuel the Management will charge the Hirer at the rate of $2.00 per litre to fill the fuel tank with fuel plus an additional $20.00 fee to refill the Vehicle.


3.2 During the period of hire the Hirer must check regularly the levels of engine oil, coolant and tyre pressure of the Vehicle and if necessary replenish them.


4. Speedometer

If the speedometer of the Vehicle is broken or tampered with then management will charge the Hirer an additional fee of $1000.00


5. Keys

If the Hirer misplaced or loses the keys to the vehicle, during the hire period the Hirer must reimburse Management the cost of replacing and/or recording of all locking devices on the Vehicle.


6. Terms of Hire

The hire of the Vehicle shall be limited to the period specified on the front page of this Agreement.


7. Area of use of Vehicle

7.1 Unless otherwise specified, if for the entire period of the hire of the Vehicle, the Hirer drives the Vehicle only within the area specified on the front page of this Agreement, then the Hirer may drive the vehicle for 200km per day without any fee.


7.2 If at any time during the Hire period and the Hirer exceeds the above 7.1 the Hirer will be charged $0.35c per Km for each kilometre’s travelled


8. Return of Vehicle

Vehicle outside the area specified in this agreement the Hirer shall pay all damages if vehicle is involved in anaccident outside the metropolitan area.


8.0 Eway Tags are the responsibility of the Hirer a $55 administration fee applies for every infringementnotice received by Sydney Refrigerated Van Rentals.


8.1 No later than the time of termination of the hire period the Hirer must, at its own expense,

return the Vehicle to the location from which the Vehicle was originally hired unless otherwise

specified on the front of this Agreement.


8.2 If the driver does not return the Vehicle to the a applicable location in accordance with clause 8 then the Hirer must pay to Sydney Refrigerated Van Rentals Pty Ltd charges in respect of:


8.2.1 Rental days expired until management can a arrange for the collection and check-in of the Vehicle; or


8.2.2 Rental days expired until the Vehicle is returned to the applicable location; and


8.2.3 Relocation expenses incurred by management in the process of returning the Vehicle to the applicable return location. 8.3 If the Hirer is unable to return the Vehicle by the time of the expiry of the hire period then:


8.3.1 Prior to the expiry of the hire period the hirer must advise Management of the estimated time of return of the Vehicle; and


8.3.2 The Hirer must pay management additional rental charges for a minimum amount of at least half of the daily rate per hour for the first 3 hours, thereafter a full daily rental rate will be applicable.


8.3.3 The Hirer will be deemed to have entered into a New Hire Agreement with management on the same terms and conditions contained in this Agreement except as to the time and period of the.


8.4 If the Hirer has advised man agent of the estimated time of return of the Vehicle in accordance with clause 8.3 and the Hirer wishes to delay the return of the Vehicle then the Hirer must give further notice to management to that affect.


8.5 The Hirer must pay a fee of $200.00 to management if the Vehicle is not returned at the specific time.


If the Hirer does not return the vehicle and the hire has not notified Management in accordance with clause 8 then: the Hirer must pay all costs of and incidental to the location and recovery of the Vehicle;


Management at its discretion may report the Hirer’s failure to return the Vehicle to the police, cancel the Vehicle’s registration and insurance. Is the Hirer’s responsibility to keep the Vehicle Secure? The Hirer is solely responsible for any lost, stolen or mislaid components or equipment of the Vehicle.


9. No credit or refund will be issued for early returns.


10. Vehicle Breakdown


I. If the Vehicle breaks down the Hirer must immediately notify management and return the vehicle to original place of pick up at the Hirers Expense. Upon return of the Vehicle management shall at its discretion determine the period of hire for which the Hirer is liable to pay hire Charges.


II. Accident Involving Vehicle


If the vehicle is involved in a motor vehicle accident:


I. The Hirer must immediately notify management, the police within 24 hours of the accident and submit a Police Report to management within 24 hours of receipt of such report by the Hirer; and


2. The Hirer at the Hirer’s expense must return the Vehicle without delay to the location specified on the front of this Agreement; and


The Hirer must pay a daily demur rage charge equivalent to the daily hire rate for the Vehicle specified on the front page of this Agreement, Until all repairs have been completed and the pair costs have been paid in full by the Hirer; and


If at the time of the accident the hire period not expired management without delay may terminate this Agreement and refuse to supply the Hirer with a replacement Vehicle. Subject to this clause (II) if at the date of hire the Hirer pays Management the Insurance Fee then liability of the Hirer shall be limited to Excess specified on the front of this Agreement Events Voiding Insurance.


The insurance cover with respect to the Vehicle shall be void and the Hirer shall not be covered for

insurance if:

The Hirer fails to pay all hiring charges with respect to the Vehicle as and when they fall due;

The Hirer or the Additional driver drives the vehicle on unsealed roads;

The Hirer permits anyone other than the Hirer of the Additional Driver to drive the Vehicle;

The Hirer or the Additional Driver use the Vehicle in any National Park, The northern

Territory/Snow Fields/Remote Areas;

The vehicle is involved in a single vehicle accident(Hirer is responsible for all damages)

The Vehicle is damaged by any animal or wildlife.

The Vehicle is damaged because the Vehicle is overloaded or incorrectly loaded;

The vehicle is damaged because of the negligent care and maintenance of the Vehicle by the Hirer;

The tyres of the Vehicle are damaged


11. The under body of the vehicle is damaged by a stone if the Vehicle has been driven on unsealed roads;


 II. The vehicle is stolen by reason of the negligent of the Hirer or the Additional driver.


The vehicle is driven by a person who:

(a)    Is under 24 years of age or over 75 years of age


(b) Is not the holder of a current driver’s license entitling them to drive the Vehicle; and is under the influence of alcohol or a drug;


(c) Has a blood alcohol concentration as determined by a breath or blood test, which exceeds that permitted by law;


(e) Fails to provide a specimen of breath or blood for analysis when required by a police officer to do so;


(f) Is a provisional driver or driving for less than two years.

The Hirer has made any false or misleading statements to management either in connection with the making of this Agreement or with respect to reporting any accident occurring. For the period of hire.


The Hirer or any Additional driver fails to fully co-operate and assist management at their expense in the management investigating any accident relating to the Vehicle or in perusing. Its legal rights against a third party, arising out of any accident including attending court to give evidence. Where the top of the vehicle (being the line above the hood of the drivers cabin) or in the undercarriage of the Vehicle is damaged by an object striking the Vehicle.The Hirer must pay the Excess of $5000.00 the event of an accident involving another vehicle.  Hirer Not to Encumber Vehicle (During the currency of this Vehicle the Hirer must not:)


(a)    Sell, assign, mortgage, pledge or sub-let the vehicle or any interest Management in the Vehicle;


(b)   Part with possession of the Vehicle;



(c)    Allow any lien to be created in respect of the Vehicle for repairs or otherwise;


(d) Do, or allow to be done any act or thing which is likely to prejudice Management rights in the vehicle;



Termination (Management may terminate this Agreement at any time (and despite any waiver of a previous default by the Hirer) if the Hirer (a) commits a breach of its Agreement;


(b)   Fails to pay hire charges when they are due.


(c) Becomes or is made insolvent or bankrupt or makes any arrangement or composition with its creditors, or if the Hirer is a company, an order is made for a resolution is passed for the winding up of the Hirer;

Management may enter into or upon any premises where the vehicle may be located for the purpose of repossessing the Vehicle. The Hirer indemnifies Management in respect of any claims, damages or expenses arising out of any action taken pursuant to this clause. This clause shall operate without prejudice to the rights of management to recover from the Hirer any moneys due pursuant to this Agreement or damages for breach of this agreement.


12. Road Side Assistance

The Hirer acknowledges having been informed that the management has appointed NRMA to provide its customers 24-hour breakdown roadside assistance, free of charge for any mechanical failure. To obtain roadside assistance the Hirer must contact Management on 1300 806 050.


13. Third Party Liability

The Hirer and the Additional Driver must indemnify management in relation to any claim by a third party arising out of the Vehicle pursuant to this Agreement.



14. Bond

Bond of any vehicle is $1000.00 payable to. Arrangement on pickup of any vehicle and a refund will be given on return of vehicle within the Agreement time frame requested.


15. Definitions

“Single vehicle Accident” means an accident involving the vehicle rolling over or colliding with a stationary object or an animal.

“Vehicle” means the Vehicle hired, its components, spare parts and all associated equipment.

“Management” means Sydney Refrigerated Van Rentals Pty Ltd directors and employees.

“Excess” means the amount specified on the front of this Agreement unless the Vehicle is stolen and not recovered or is damaged beyond repair in which event “excess” means $5000.00

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